Kerala PSC Previous Years Question Paper & Answer

Title : HSST Gandhian Studies-KHSE (CAT.NO:489/2019)
Question Code : A


Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'HSST Gandhian Studies-KHSE (CAT.NO:489/2019) ' And exam conducted in the year 2021. And Question paper code was '095/2021'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

page: 9 out of 16
Excerpt of Question Code: 095/2021









Gandhi had started “Tour to India” from
A) Ahmedabad B) Pune
C) Surat D) Bombay

Who have told Gandhi “Half-naked Fakir’ ?
A) Mountbatten B) Churchill
C) Truman D) Rippan

The Wardha Scheme of Education is popularly known as
A) Basic Education B) New Education
C) Bright Education D) None

Seville Statement (1986) is associated with which of the following ?
A) Violence B) Development
C) Education D) Nuclear weapon

Which of the following is/are form(s) of structural violence ?
i. Casteism

1. Killing
iii. Patriarchy
iv. Racism
v. Feudalism.

A) Only i, ii, iii B) Only ii, iii, iv

C) Only i, iii, iv, v D) All of the above

Which of the following statement is not correct regarding Johan Galtung’s idea of
cultural violence ?

A) Any aspect of culture that can be used to legitimize violence

B) Cultural violence makes direct and structural violence look, even feel right

C) Changes moral colour of acts from wrong to right

D) Language and arts are not the domains of cultural violence

Consider the following statements :
i. Peace is the absence of violence.
ii. Peace refers to condition in which social and economic justice and well-being
is ensured.

Which of the above statement(s) explain the idea of negative peace ?
A) Onlyi B) Only ii C) Both i and ii D) Neither i nor ii

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