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Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'HSST - ENGLISH (JR)' And exam conducted in the year 2015. And Question paper code was '008/2015/OL'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

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Excerpt of Question Code: 008/2015/OL

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Question Paper Code: 8/201 5/0L
Category Code: 710012
Exam: HSST Juniour- English
Medium of Question: English
Date of Test 2804-2015
Alphacode A
Question] :Who introduced Printing Press in Kerala?

கரிம English

Be-The French

CeThe Dutch

D:-The Portuguese
Correct Answer:- Option-D
(Question? The book 'Vrithamanjari' was written by
ArAR. Raja Raja Varma
B:-Kerala Varma Valiya Koil Thampuran
C:Kunikuttan Thampuran
D:-Kochunni Thampuran
Correct Answer:- Option-A
Question3 ~The 'Samyukta Rastriya Samathi' ( Joint Political Congress }, the organisation, was in connection with
‘AvPunnapra - Vayalar Upheaval
B:-Abstention Movement
CrElectricity Agitation
D:-Malabar Rebellion
Correct Answer:- Option-B
(Question4 -'Sabdikkunna Kalappa' a short story written by
‘ArMuttathu Varky
B:-Kesav Dev
C+Ponkunnam Varky
D:-S K Pottakkad
Correct Answer:- Option-C
(Question :Who organised an All Religions Conference in Alwaye Advaita Ashram
‘AvSree Narayana Guru
B:-Chattampi Swamikal
D:-Brahmananda Sivayogi
Correct Answer:- Option-A
(Question6 :Who was the director of the film ‘Perariyathavar'
B:Lal Jose
CeDr Biju
D:-Amal Neerad
Correct Answer:- Option-C
Question? -Who was the recipient of 'Vyasa Samman' of 2013 ?
‘AvAmar Kanth
B:-Viswanath Tripathi
C+Narendra Kohli
D:-Ramdarash Misra
Correct Answer:- Option-B
(Question -Which team was the first champion of the ‘Hero Indian Super League"?
AvF C Goa
B:F C Pune City
C:Kerala Blasters
D:-Atletico De Kolkata
Correct Answer:- Option-D
Question9 ~The Yarlung Zangbo river, in India, is known as?
Correct Answer:- Option-C
Question10:The minimum age to qualify for election to the Loksabha is
Av25 years

೦:18 ೫0೩೫:
D:-35 years
Correct Answer:- Option-A
Question! 1~To cater to the needs of slow learners in the class, a teacher should give
Avdaily test
B:-remedial teaching
Cranchored instruction
D:-apprenticeship training
Correct Answer:- Option-B
Question] 2: Inductive reasoning is
A-bottom up process
B:-top down process
Ceverbal reasoning
D:-non verbal reasoning
Correct Answer:- Option-A
Question! 3-If the students on the back bench are talking while teaching in the class, the teacher should
Arallow them to do what they are doing
B:-punish by sending them out of the class
Crask them to sit on front benches
D:-not mind them as it may disturb the rest of the class
Correct Answer:- Option-C
Question] 4:'Learning readiness’ involves
Axdisposition for learning
B:-adequate cognitive functioning

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