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Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'ASSISTANT ENGINEER(CIVIL) IRRIGATION' And exam conducted in the year 2020. And Question paper code was '013/2020'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

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Excerpt of Question Code: 013/2020










Counter fort retaining wall is economieal for heights above m:

@ 2 ®) 4
(© 5 യ 7
For preliminary ealculations the thickness வீ the base slab of a retaining wall may be
taken as percent of the height of wall:
(A) 0.8 (B) .08
(© 8 D) 80

Considering the concept of durability of water tanks, the minimum grade of conerete
shall be:

ಯ) 0 (B) M20

2) 0 (D) M40

The permissible concrete stress in direct tension of M20 in calculation relating ‏م‎
‎resistance to cracking as per IS 3370-1965 part 1115:

(^) 20kg/em?® (3) 12kg/em?®

(¢) 14kglem® യ) 17kglem?

The permissible concrete stress in tension due ‏ما‎ bending ‏له‎ M20 in calculation
relating to resistance to cracking as per IS 3370-1965 part II is:

(^) 20kg/em® (B) 17kglem®

(¢) 14kg/em?® (D) 10kg/em?®

The method of prestressing conerete in which pre-stressing steel is tensioned against
the hardened concrete is:

(^) Pre tensioning (B) post tensioning

(C) initial prestressing (D) jack tensioning

A normally consolidated clay settled 10 mm when effective stress was increased from
50 kKN/m? to 100 kN/m”. If the effective stress is further increased from 100 kN/m? to
200 kN/m?, then further settlement of the clay shall be:

(A) 10 mm (B) 20 mm

(2) 80 mm (D) 40 mm

The time taken by clay layer to achieve 50% consolidation is 5 years. If the layer was
half as thiek, 5 times more permeable and 4 times more compressible then the time
that would be required to achieve the same degree of consolidation is :

(^) 12 year (B) 5 year

(C) 1year (D) 16 year

A soil sample has a shrinkage limit of 10% and specific gravity of soil solids as 2.7.
The porosity of the soil at shrinkage limit is :

A) 21.2% ൫ 80%

©) 527% 0) 70%

013/2020 18 A

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