Kerala PSC Previous Years Question Paper & Answer

Title : Optometrist Gr II Health Services (CAT NO 217/2018)
Question Code : A


Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'Optometrist Gr II Health Services (CAT NO 217/2018)' And exam conducted in the year 2019. And Question paper code was '067/2019/OL'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

page: 2 out of 11
Excerpt of Question Code: 067/2019/OL

Correct Answer:- Option-B
Question10:-All are grades of Binocular single vision except:
A:-simultaneous perception
Correct Answer:- Option-B
Question11:-Nystagmus is
A:-amblyopia treatment modality
B:-grade a Binocular vision
C:-an optic neuropathy
D:-a cause for amblyopia
Correct Answer:- Option-D
Question12:-Near reflex include all except
Correct Answer:- Option-C
Question13:-Epiphora means
A:-Defective tear drainage
B:-increased tear secretion
C:-intuming of eyelashes
D:-inturning of lid margin
Correct Answer:-Question Cancelled
Question14:-Ophthalmia neonatorum is
A:-dacryocystitis in newbom
B:-newbom hyperacute conjunctivitis
C:-neonatal glaucoma
D:-neonatal retinopathy
Correct Answer:- Option-B
Question15:-Fluorescein stain helps to identify:
A:-Epithelial defect
B:-Wound leak
C:-Lacrimal fluid drainage
D:-All of the above
Correct Answer:- Option-D
Question16:-Commonest source of toxoplasma infection is:
A:-Cat faeces
B:-Dog faeces
C:-Cow dung
D:-Wild bat
Correct Answer:- Option-A
Question17:-Which statement is true:
A:-Cataract changes 60 not causes colour vision abnormality
B:-Retinitis pigmentosa causes red-green colour defect
C:-Convergence remain constant throughout life
D:-Diabetic retinopathy has become the most common cause of defective vision worldwide
Correct Answer:- Option-C
Question18:-All are involved in ocular mobility except:
A:-Trigeminal nerve
B:-trochlear nerve
C:-abducens nerve
D:-oculomotor nerve
Correct Answer:- Option-A

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