Kerala PSC Previous Years Question Paper & Answer

Title : Junior Health Inspector GrII - Health Services
Question Code : A


Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'Junior Health Inspector GrII - Health Services ' And exam conducted in the year 2021. And Question paper code was '011/2021'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

page: 3 out of 16
Excerpt of Question Code: 011/2021


Total Marks : 100 Marks

Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes

1. The true nerve of hearing which is the portion of auditory nerve.
(4) Abducens (B) Cochlear nerve
(C) Vestibular nerve (D) Trochlear nerve
2. The average life span of RBC
(A) 130 days (8) 7-14 days
(೮) 120 days (D) 30 days
3. The organ in which the grey matter can be seen in the form of letter ‘H’.
(4) Spinal cord ൯) Cerebrum
(6) Medulla oblongata (D) Cerebellum
4. The hormone that stimulates the formation of spermatozoa in testes of males.
(A) Luteinising hormone (B) Prolactin
5. The pacemaker of heart
(^) Chordae tendinae (B) S.A. Node
(C) Bundle of His (D) Papillary muscles
6. 116 specially altered sweat glands in the skin of ear
(4) Brunner’s gland (8) Sebaceous gland
(6) Meibomian gland (D) Ceruminous gland
7. The volume of air that can be passed in and out of lungs by forcible inspiration and
(^) Tidal air (B) Cardiac impulse
(C) Vital capacity (D) Pulse pressure
8. The area which receives images and impressions for interpretation in the occipital lobe of
(A) Motor area (B) Auditory area
(C) Sensory area (D) Visual area
9. 110 insensible water loss which is a simple diffusion of water through skin
(^) Perspiration (B) Sweat
(6) Sebum (D) None of these
10. A person with blood group A can receive blood of the following blood groups.
(A) B& AB (B) A& AB
(C) B&O (2) A&O



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