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Title : Assistant Professor in Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)
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Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'Assistant Professor in Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)' And exam conducted in the year 2023. And Question paper code was '041/2023/OL'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was ''. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

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Excerpt of Question Code: 041/2023/OL

volume, low glycerol method is
A:-At or below -120 degree celcius
B:-1-6 degree celcius
C:-Zero degree celcius
D:-At -20 degree celcius
Correct Answer:- Option-A
Question17:-Features of Natural Killer Cells are
A:-They have surface lg
B:-TCR is the Antigen Receptor
C:-Have CD56 and CD16 as markers
D:-Thymus dependent
Correct Answer:- Option-C

Question18:-Viral inactivation method where only enveloped viruses are destroyed
by disrupting lipid membrane

A:-Vapor heat method
B:-Solvent/detergent treatment
C:-UV irradiation
Correct Answer:- Option-B
Question19:-Transgenic goat's milk is used in the production of
A:-Factor VIII
B:-Factor IX
D:-Antithrombin III
Correct Answer:- Option-D
Question20:-What is true about Bone Marrow Transplantation ?
A:-G-CSF to be given to the donor for at least 2-4 days prior to aspiration

B:-The maximum volume collected from the donor should not be more than
15-20 ml/kg body weight of the donor

C:-Both 1 and 2
D:-None of the above
Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question21:-Hemoglobin resulting from a mutation where lysine is substituted for
glutamate in the sixth position of the B-globin chain

A:-Hemoglobin A
B:-Hemoglobin F
C:-Hemoglobin C

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