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Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'JUNIOR INSTRUCTOR - ELECTRICIAN' And exam conducted in the year 2015. And Question paper code was '020/2015/OL'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

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Excerpt of Question Code: 020/2015/OL

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‘Question 72-tn capackor start, capacitor sun metors, the capscitrs wed are
‘Avboth capacitors are of same val
‘Bone lager value capacitrof of filed type anda smaler value capacitor of lecteajte type
(Crone larger value eapacitar of electrolyte type anda smaller vale eapactor of of filed type,
प of dectrayte type.
‏سڈ یں‎

ധിം erecting apo, the depth ‏اع کہ‎ below the ground lta, n normal sil should be about ___of the length ofthe pole

മ ஜெட்‌
‘Question 75-In an AC operate relay the purpose of shading col placed near the tp of magnetic pole face st»
ക മണ
பயல விஷ்‌ வலம
‏دعنالزدہ 0ھ‎ loss
Correct Answer ಲಂಬಿ
(Question 76-To text an amature forthe short ലര്‍ ലിം _.
‏2ھ‎ bade
Crom meter
Correct Answer Option 5
(Question 77-The type offre extinguisher used where iguifed gasison fe
‏س۸‎ ila ie extinguisher
‘Beary powder etnguisher
लम type re extinguisher
ಲಾ ‏عط‎
‎Correct Answer Opton-B

‎used along withthe grower‏ کا

‎‘question 73-Farthng one of the wires of lectical ‏رر‎ the maximum Voluge to earth under normal apeating conditions is known as

‎एक earthing
യ earthing
‏مو‎ earthing
Correct Answer Option

‎മേം മം യ earth electrode resistance, the current and pressure spies ofthe earth ssitance testr are tobe div into the ground ata distance of 100 the man electrode under tt

‎‘820m and 10m apart respectively
1B-25mand 125m apart respectaly
(C=20mand 10m apart respectively in a stralght line
2:25 and 12.5 apart respectively in straight ine
Correct Anewer- Opton-D
‘Questiona0:-The ರ ‏عا صملا‎
ತಾಲ tap jot
‘Baer tap pint
Correct Answer Opton-D

‎‘Questiona-Accordingto BIS and NEC, the clearance between the bottom point ofthe cling fn andthe Naor shall nt he less than

‎Correct Answer Opton-D
‏كه عتممو‎ fring angle in an SCR recess moreased, th output is
OSCR istumed of

ल तल
മ ടം ഖം വനജ ೦00085 ರೀ ಶಿ രം മേ ഭയ
D-Focusing electrodes
Correct Answer Opton-C
തമല of atrandormer & maximum, when
‘Ano load Toss sequal 002 ad Loss
Betysterets loss sequal to eddy current loss
ലിക equal to eddy current loss
D-eopper loss i equal toizon loss
Correct Answer” Opton-D
‘Queston’5.-or the paralld operation aftwo transformers, the phase sequence must be Metical, otherwise, during he cycle
‘Avhen secondaries ar loaded, wil produce unequd ‏مراف‎ conditons
[Beinpossle to take the fl lad output without excenste heating of one of the transformer
(Creach patr of phases wl be open ereued
‘Deesch pair of phases wil be short eeuted
Correct Answer Opton-D
‏.معن‎ layer lap wound 4 pole generator with 16 cllswal have pole pitch of
Correct Answer Option-c
‘Questiona7.-The maximum safe temperature for dass F msulating material is
Correct Answer Options
(Questona9.-The ratio ‏را مم ]ھا کہ‎ of magnetistion tthe magneting force i known ‏اع‎
‎Correct Answer= Option-c
‘questona9-tiile testing the ell col connections by compass method, the DC valage tobe aplied tothe Rel coll is
‘AHO to 20% of rated vag
Bothered veltage
7, 70% of rated voltage
‘Question90:-The relays which are capable of maintaining their contacts 0 000007
‘Aatching relays

ಕಾರು ಜಂಟ.
Correct Answer Option
‘Questondt-in large motor generator set, the AC motor wed is usually

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