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Title : Pharmacist Grade 2
Question Code : A


Below are the scanned copy of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Question Paper with answer keys of Exam Name 'Pharmacist Grade 2' And exam conducted in the year 2015. And Question paper code was '004/2015/OL'. Medium of question paper was in Malayalam or English . Booklet Alphacode was 'A'. Answer keys are given at the bottom, but we suggest you to try answering the questions yourself and compare the key along wih to check your performance. Because we would like you to do and practice by yourself.

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Excerpt of Question Code: 004/2015/OL

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Correct Answer:- Opton-€
‘question22:-SCHICK TEST Is done to
[AnDetact the agree of mmunity againet Diohthe ta
B=Detect te degree of immunity apaint Tuberalore
(Ce-Detect the degree of immunty against Typhod
De-dentiy the presenee of Ketone bodies in urine
Correct Answer:- Opton-A
‘question23:-Gyeenn or Sorbtol is added to gelatin inthe preparation of soft gelatin capsules as
ച മ
വിറ agent
വം त Size Reduction in all Mis
Ds-Combination of impact காம ‏ا‎
‎Correct Answer:- Opton-D
பணமா வடாம்‌ கனடிய is the botanical name of
Correct Answer:- Opton-A
ಆ among the folowing net an Exotito member of central coun ot Pharmacy போனி எஸ.
ಜ್‌ General, Health Services
8०-07 Contratlr of Inia
(CoDirecoy Cental Druge Laboratory
Ds-Health Secretary, Govt. of naa
Correct Answer:- Opton-D
‘question27.-The iit test of ron depends upon the teraction efron wth
‘AsBarum Subphate reagent
Mercure Chloride
Correct Answer:- Opton-€
‘question26:-in relation to emulsion, formation ofa layer of relatwely concertrated emulsion above or below the surface s known as

Correct Answer:- റൻ
‘questin29:-Drugs Inspectors appeirted as per the provisions of
‘AsPharmacy Act 1948
Bs-Drogs and Cosmetics Act 1945
Ds-Nareote ad Psychotropi Substances Act 1985
Correct Answer:- Opton-8
ಆ of ignited trichomes isthe characterise microscopic feature of
Corres Answer:- Opton-A
‘Questions 1=An example for an anthracene glyeosioe
۸+۶۱۵ രാമം
‎Correct Answer:- Opton-D
‘Question’2-Hydrogen Peroxide IP used as antsepte contains
۸۰20096 w/v of Hydrogen peroxice
8:25% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide
೮5% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide
D279 wiv of Hydrogen Peroxide
Correct Answer:- 0.
‘question’3-The agert used as 2 rado-opaque contrast medium:
‘AsRediactive Sodium lode
Collis Gold Injection
(Ce-Barium Sulphate
ಐ-ಂಡ 1000 19000
Correct Answer:- Opton-€
वि an fypotoni ശേ വേമ into blood stream, couses
ടിയ വേട
0:30 characterise change
Correct Answer:- Optor-A
Questin’5:-Soaum tury Suphate ‏کا‎
‎‘Cationic surface active agents
B:-Ampholyte surface active agents
பிரள்‌ வாலே active agents
பலனாக கபா active agents
Correct Answer:- Opton-D
വം യാവ ശാ:
CCoLive ಉಡ ಇದಲ
Toxine that have been incuboted wih formalin
Correct Answer:- Opton-D
വം ஸாகர:
‘81000 mg
8100 mp
८:30 9
വം ധനം ലും ലി require to prepare 500 ml of 20% alcoho ड:
۸:80 0
8:50 mi
Correct ஜலா:
ಆಟ್‌ the ‏ملا‎ ×۷۳ blood coagulation factor:

ജാനി ാഭനമ ४७9 ‏رکا ای‎ undergoes extensive frst pass metabollm:

Correct Answer:- Opton-A
[11 ‏کا‎
‎‘Az Suspension of living ele of 2 strain of Mycobectarium tube relose
B:-Suspersion of Iving cols of a stain of Bordetella pertusis,
(Ce-Suspension of ving cals ofa strain of Salmonella ‏ارہ‎
‎Ds-Suspension of living els ofa strain of Vibrio cholerae
Correct Answer:- Opton-A
‘Question42:-The toe prottn present in castor al
Corres ‏یش‎
‎(Questiond3=-Calamine 1818
Bs Magnesium siicate with femic oxide
ന ഒനം മട
Di-Zine onde with ferric oxide
Corres Answer:- 72:


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